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Seminole Water Damage Restoration

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Testimonials from our clients:

"It was a pleasure doing business with your company.  Everyone was so personable and helpful.  I will be calling you in the future.  Hopefully not for a water loss but for carpet cleaning and tile/grout cleaning. I have already recommended Chris' Carpet Service & Water Restoration to all my friends."-Katherine

"We were extremely impressed with the friendliness, knowledge and expertise of everyone.  We thank you so much for your hard work during out water damage."-Maryann

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Testimonials from our clients:

"We are very satisfied with Chris' Carpet Service & Water Restoration's work and staff!  Did a great job during the Water Damage Restoration in my Palm Harbor, Florida home. Thank you! - Biu & Camille"

"Very satisfied with how I was treated and results of water damage restoration.  Thank you all for all you did!"- John

"Thanks for coming out in the middle of the night and drying out the wet carpet and walls in my home.  Much appreciated.  Wonderful and professional staff."-Nancy



Water Damage Restoration in Palm Harbor Florida!





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If you’ve experienced the need for emergency water damage service in Palm Harbor, you know time is never on your side. After all, the longer the water is allowed to sit, the greater the damage being done to your residence. That's why at Chris' Carpet we strive to provide the highest quality for both the structure and homeowner. After all, fixing the leak is only part of the battle.

Immediate Emergency Water Damage Services in Palm Harbor

The chance that your pipe bursts in the middle of the day might exist. However, it's just as likely problems could arise during the night. That’s why we're proud to serve customers around the clock with our 24-hour response for emergency water damage service in Palm Harbor.

We also offer a variety of other options to make sure any damaged home is fully repaired:

  • Structural Dry Out: We don't just clean the puddles of water scattered throughout your residence. By fully drying the entire structure, we can help you prevent further problems down the road such as mold and rot.
  • Mold Remediation - Depending on how long it takes the homeowner to first notice the water damage, sometimes mold is all but inevitable. And if left unchecked, can provide such health issues as allergic reactions and lung damage. However, with our certified technicians and their over 100 years of combined experience, we can combat this issue as well.
  • Sewage Extraction: Perhaps the worst kind of flood. If a broken sewage line or sewer backup fills your home, we can even tackle this terrible obstacle.
  • Furniture Cleaning: Along with your floors, furniture is quickly and easily damaged by standing water. Although most attention understandably goes towards the structure and flooring during such emergencies, homeowners shouldn't be left unnecessarily replacing furniture. This is why our Palm Harbor, emergency water damage services team is dedicated towards cleaning and saving furniture and upholstery.

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When it comes to water restoration, the goal should revolve around restoring more than just the residence. From floors to furniture, our team is dedicated and experienced enough to accomplish such a task. For more information, call (727) 397-1551.

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Emergency Water Damage Repair

A fast response is critical for effective emergency water damage repair. In Clearwater and Largo, Chris’ Carpet Service offers 24 hour emergency service. Our response time of just 30 to 90 minutes gives you the best chance to prevent permanent damage from a leak or flooding.

Hardwood floors, carpets and building materials can often be saved if quick and thorough drying is begun immediately. Allowing structural materials to remain saturated for even a short time can lead to severe problems:

·Mold and mildew

·Unpleasant odors

·Permanent damage to carpets and upholstery

·Warping of wood floors and framing

Sewage overflows have the terrible potential of causing all of these problems quickly. We specialize in rapid-response sewage extraction to save your home and its contents. Call us right away. We have the experience and the equipment to prevent microbial growth, odors and permanent structural problems.

Our certified technicians are equipped with the latest technology to identify every area of moisture penetration throughout your entire home or business. We use thermal imaging cameras and highly sensitive probes to trace the path of water infiltration anywhere in your structure. Using these techniques, we can properly focus our drying efforts and track our progress.

Emergency water damage repair is one of those situations where time is money. Calling us right away is your best chance to prevent expensive restoration costs after a flood. In Clearwater and Largo no other company offers a faster around-the-clock response.

If you discover a leak or floodwater in your home or business, here are few safety tips:

· Don’t allow any people or pets to walk in standing water. There might be an electric shock hazard.

· Shut down the electrical power at the circuit breaker box if you can safely reach it.

· Shut off the source of the leak if you can identify it.

As soon as your home is secure and your family and pets are safe, call for assistance as quickly as you can. In Clearwater, the certified team at Chris’ Carpet Service provides emergency water damage repair that is thorough and affordable. We work with all insurance companies and we will help you file your claim.

Chris’ Carpet Service was founded in 1978 and we put all of our experience to work for you. We are also dedicated to keeping up with the latest techniques and equipment. All of our technicians are trained and certified through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

For fast guaranteed emergency water damage repair in Largo and Clearwater, Chris’ Carpet Service is the proven top choice.

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