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Published in Largo Florida

Water damage restoration in Pinellas County is incredibly important to keep your home clean and functional after you’ve experienced a flood. Acting fast is vital because any delay in removing the water will only cause additional damage.

A flood inside your home can be scary, but with professional grade machines, the liquid will be able to be removed and your home restored to how it was before.  Professional water damage restoration services in Pinellas County will usually include moisture detectors that will be able to find where the moisture has seeped into, to completely remove all of it. Sometimes you cannot see how deeply it has gone into your floors or walls, and will not find out until the wood begins to rot and mildew starts to grow.  A professional will be able to completely dry out your home.

Until a technician arrives, here are some ways you can minimize the damage in your home:

  • If you can safely and easily access the circuit breakers, turn off the power to all affected areas to decrease the chance of electric shock
  • Try to absorb as much fluid as possible with towels or a mop
  • Try to remove as much furniture as you can to decrease damage to upholstery
  • If you cannot move a piece of furniture, raise it up by putting some plywood underneath the legs to keep it out of the water
  • Do not enter the room if there are any exposed outlets or circuit breakers near the standing water
  • Do not attempt to clean up the liquid with a vacuum cleaner; these machines are not equipped to take in liquid, and may cause an electrical shortage

While these steps will help prevent the water from spreading, and contain the damage, they are only temporary fixes. The only way to completely dry out your home is to hire a professional.

Standing water in your home can be a devastating sight, which is why you shouldn’t wait to call for water damage restoration in Pinellas County if this happens to you. Here at Chris’ Carpet, not only will we remove the liquid with our restoration services, but we will also perform a structural dry out, sewage extraction if necessary, Mold Remediation, and clean your furniture. If you have standing water in your home, trust us for all of your water damage restoration needs in Pinellas County, call us today at 727-397-1511. 

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