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Carpet Cleaning in Clearwater Florida


Testimonials from our clients:

"We have used carpet cleaning services over 35 times over the years but Chris' Carpet Service & Water Restoration has been the best Carpet Cleaning company we have ever used in Clearwater, Florida.  We will undoubtedly use Chris' Carpet Service & Water Restoration in the future and recommend them highly!  Thank you -Edward"

 "After the initial Carpet  Cleaning Service in November, some spots re-appeared and our technician Ron returned right away to spot clean and suggested we get on a bi-annual schedule, due to the amount of traffic my home has.  Thanks for the great suggestion!  We are so happy with your hard and professional work!  He is coming back in May!  Thanks!" -Connie from Clearwater, Florida

"Very impressed with my Carpet Cleaning Service in Clearwater, Florida!! " - Neville

"Nick was my technician and I thought he did a great job cleaning my Carpets in my Clearwater, FL home.  He was very pleasant!" - Marge

 "J'ai ete tres satisfait!  Good job cleaning my carpet!" - Martine

 "Very pleased with Carpet Cleaning Result." - Cameron

 "It is always a great satisfaction to work with you Barb and your entire staff.  Such a professional bunch!" - Claire 






We clean carpets in Clearwater Florida

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Carpet Cleaning in Belleair Florida


Testimonials from our clients:

 "Thank you!  Will certainly recommend your Carpet Cleaning Services to everyone I know!" -Henry

"Carpet Cleaning Service was excellent and the results were very satisfactory.  I will recommend your company without any reservation." -Anita

"Great job as always.  You definitely have our business.  We will call again in a few months to get Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery." -Elaine




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Carpet Cleaning in Belleair Florida



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When trying to figure out the best way to handle water damage repair on your carpets in Clearwater, it can be difficult to know what methods work and which will only make things worse. When your home experiences a flood, the quicker your response to remedy it is, the easier the cleanup will be. Fortunately, if you respond quickly enough, with the correct techniques, you may be able to save your flooring and home with minimal damage.

What to do when you experience a flood:

When you need water damage repair in Clearwater, there are a few basic steps you can take to minimize the harm to your property, including:


  1. Figure out where the leak is coming from: This will tell you if you are dealing with possibly polluted water. Rain is not typically unsafe, but if the flood originated from a sewage pipe, your flooring can be contaminated. It will take a professional carpet cleaning and water damage restoration company to clean up this potentially dangerous situation.
  2. Try to limit the leak: Lay down towels, or see if it’s possible to shut off water, or temporarily mend the pipe until the water damage repair company arrives. Limiting the flood can greatly reduce the areas affected.
  3. Dry out the affected area: Use ceiling fans, oscillating fans, and a dehumidifier to keep the flooded room as dry as possible. This will limit the mold and mildew growth until the professionals are able to perform a structural dry out.


When it comes to water damage repair in Clearwater, a quick response time is imperative in order to reduce stains, destruction of property, and mold growth. The best way to guarantee a quick response time is to know exactly which carpet cleaning and water damage restoration company you’re going to call in case of an emergency. The best approach for Water Damage Repair at Chris’ Carpet Service and Water Restoration, ,,, Mold Remediation, we guarantee a response time of 30-90 minutes, and will perform restoration services and structural dry out, as well as mold remediation and sewage extraction if necessary. With our 24/7 emergency services, our technicians can help you, no matter what time of day you experience a flood.

For more information on our water damage repair services in Clearwater, call Chris’ Carpet today at 727-397-1511.

If you’re trying to decide between seeking professional carpet cleaning services or performing a DIY job on your Clearwater home, then there are a few aspects to consider.

Most of us have taken a look at our floors and wondered how they got so filthy without our noticing. Eventually the buildup from animals, spills, and foot traffic all create the layer of grime that now covers our once pristine floor. We often believe that it will save us money if we bust out the chemicals and scrubbing tools ourselves. However, the mishaps that can arise often end up costing us more than we originally planned.

Prior to beginning your DIY work it’s important to do your research.

Tools and Products.

If you elect not to contact Clearwater carpet cleaning services then there are a few items you’ll have to purchase prior to starting. Vacuums that soap and are often available for purchase at your local store. Although they are a costly investment, they’re probably your best bet since they were conveniently designed with the consumer in mind. However, these tools perform at the consumer, rather than commercial, level, and most cannot reach as deeply into the fibers to remove dirt and stains.

Learn About Your Flooring

If you’re considering DIY then it would be wise to contact carpet cleaning services in the Clearwater area for advice on your specific floor. Yes, there are types of materials that are prone to damage upon coming into contact with specific chemicals.

In addition to this, there are also various methods that may work better for one floor versus another in order to achieve optimum cleansing. While you can go online and seek instructions and how-to videos, there is always the chance for error, and simple mistakes can end up costing you money. Trusted expert know the do’s and don’ts and can provide you with the necessary information for a smooth process.

Contacting carpet cleaning services in Clearwater means reliable, guaranteed service. To begin every DIY job there is a high level of research required with no assurance that there will be a positive and productive outcome. While there are many options and information available out there, experts can assure a professional job and save time that DIY work cannot.

Water damage restoration in Pinellas County is incredibly important to keep your home clean and functional after you’ve experienced a flood. Acting fast is vital because any delay in removing the water will only cause additional damage.

A flood inside your home can be scary, but with professional grade machines, the liquid will be able to be removed and your home restored to how it was before.  Professional water damage restoration services in Pinellas County will usually include moisture detectors that will be able to find where the moisture has seeped into, to completely remove all of it. Sometimes you cannot see how deeply it has gone into your floors or walls, and will not find out until the wood begins to rot and mildew starts to grow.  A professional will be able to completely dry out your home.

Until a technician arrives, here are some ways you can minimize the damage in your home:

  • If you can safely and easily access the circuit breakers, turn off the power to all affected areas to decrease the chance of electric shock
  • Try to absorb as much fluid as possible with towels or a mop
  • Try to remove as much furniture as you can to decrease damage to upholstery
  • If you cannot move a piece of furniture, raise it up by putting some plywood underneath the legs to keep it out of the water
  • Do not enter the room if there are any exposed outlets or circuit breakers near the standing water
  • Do not attempt to clean up the liquid with a vacuum cleaner; these machines are not equipped to take in liquid, and may cause an electrical shortage

While these steps will help prevent the water from spreading, and contain the damage, they are only temporary fixes. The only way to completely dry out your home is to hire a professional.

Standing water in your home can be a devastating sight, which is why you shouldn’t wait to call for water damage restoration in Pinellas County if this happens to you. Here at Chris’ Carpet, not only will we remove the liquid with our restoration services, but we will also perform a structural dry out, sewage extraction if necessary, Mold Remediation, and clean your furniture. If you have standing water in your home, trust us for all of your water damage restoration needs in Pinellas County, call us today at 727-397-1511. 

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It’s Spring: Time for Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning for St. Petersburg residents goes hand in hand with spring-cleaning. Yes, it's that time of the year again to roll up your sleeves and start boxing up old belongings, scrubbing down appliances, and deciding whether or not you really need that old pair of pants or not.

But organizing your home from the floor up is only part of the exhausting process. Couches, recliners and ottomans are used every day and the stains and dirt buildup only accumulates further throughout the year. There’s no better way to kick start the springtime than by having fresh, clean furniture to match your newly organized home.

Who Needs Professional Upholstery Cleaning?

Whether you have pets, frequent visitors, or children there are bound to be accidents. Professional upholstery cleaning can get rid of any stains or associated smells you might be suffering and the products we offer will not damage your belongings.

With years of experience, our qualified staff is familiar with which products and steps are necessary to provide you with smooth stain and odor removal. Regardless of your situation, buildup is common in the fibers of your furniture and regular maintenance will provide you with a fresh, comfortable surface.

Defense Against Allergens

Upholstery cleaning services for your St. Petersburg home can help keep allergies out of the air and ward against respiratory related illness. Your furniture acts as a filter throughout the year by collecting any particles that enter your home. Simply wiping the surface is not an effective method for removing these substances.  However, professional companies have the tools and technology to wash deep into fibers for complete elimination.

Why Hire Professional St. Petersburg Upholstery Cleaning?

Attempting DIY upholstery cleaning is risky because certain chemicals and tools can damage or stain the fabric.  Doing it yourself provides no guarantee and runs the risk of you having to replace costly furniture. A certified company, with years of experience will have the training and quality products that will save you the time and cost of potential replacements.

The upholstery cleaning services by Chris’ Carpet in St. Petersburg offer our clients a helping hand throughout their springtime organization. After countless hours of organizing and polishing every inch of your home the last thing you want to worry about is your furniture. We can handle the stress of attending to every nook of your couch and every cranny of your recliner. Call us today so we can start helping you kick-start springtime: 727-397-1511.

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4 Reasons for Regular Carpet Cleaning

For years, dependable carpet cleaning services in Clearwater have maintained the comfort and class of your flooring. But while your floors can play a huge part in the flawless appearance of your home, they are also a hassle to maintain. The thick fibers, texture, nooks, and crannies are all obstacles when attempting a do-it-yourself job. Hiring professionals to keep your floors looking new will keep your family safe and provide a clean environment.

The Aesthetic Value

For thousands of years the luxury of carpets has added aesthetic value to homes. Hiring carpet cleaning professionals in Clearwater will help preserve its cleanliness and value. Getting stains and spots on the floor is inevitable, especially with a busy family, but getting rid of the unsightly messes has never been so simple thanks to our specialized services and staff. 

Indoor Dirt and Pollution

Each day your shoes drag in countless of bacteria and dirt into the home. By walking on the floor you are creating the possibilities of encountering airborne illnesses. These trapped pollutants lead to poor indoor air quality and an array of allergies and health complications. Dust mites and bed bugs also take advantage and make your floor their refuge. A regular cleaning will avoid the unhealthy contaminants and bacteria that build up and bury deep into fibers.

Prolonged Carpet Life

Expert cleaning services in Clearwater know that carpets are costly and require care and attention. Regular cleanings will create a prolonged life for the investment, ultimately saving you time and money. Keeping your floor clean will help to preserve it and avoid the expense of replacing it. Our experienced staff is familiar with the ins and outs of your flooring to assure the highest quality of service and an extended life expectancy.

Makes Your Life Easier

Authorized carpet cleaning services in Clearwater are available to make your life easier. We have the tools and technology necessary to assure your floor gets the method of cleaning it deserves. While they do carry countless bacteria and dirt, you can sit back and relax knowing a professional is doing all the tedious work for you. We bring the tools and travel to your home or office to create a stress-free experience.

Our family owned and operated business provides a 100% money-back guarantee because we trust our services and experienced staff.  Call today for a free consultation and estimate!

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Pet Odor Removal Services

Pets add joy and meaning to our lives, and it has even been said that they decrease stress in our lives… when they are not using the carpet as their own personal bathroom, that is.  Carpet cleaning becomes even more miserable when you are combatting pet odors and stains.  Here at Chris’ Carpet Service, one of our specialties is removing both pet odors and stains in the homes of Clearwater, Largo and nearby areas.  Not only will urine stain the carpet, but it will also cause unwanted odors that will remain even after it dries.  We will provide you with a treatment for the both the odor and the stains, so your carpet will look as if nothing ever happened to it.  You will definitely want to call as soon as possible once an accident has happened, because the longer you wait, the deeper the odor will sink into your carpet.  While we can work on all pet stains and odors, no matter when they occurred, it becomes increasingly more difficult to get back to the original color of the carpet as time passes. 

Bacteria from pet stains can actually bind themselves to your carpet and create the first smell that urine can cause; but once the bacteria dies, another very different odor will occur. Many carpet cleaning products that claim to be pet stain removers will only sanitize the area, and attempt to cover up this odor with other scents. At Chris’ Carpet Service of Clearwater and Largo, we will remove the bacteria, dead or alive, for complete pet odor removal. 

Carpet cleaning may sound simple enough, but there is actually a very complex process that goes into each cleaning service that requires a specific amount of knowledge for the procedure to be done correctly and efficiently.  Here at Chris’ Carpet Service, we are able to put much more effort into removing pet stains and odors than you would be able to with just store bought items; we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which makes us the area’s most trusted company for all carpet services.  

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