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Best rug cleaning companies in St. Pete Florida

Testimonials from our clients:

"We had company coming in last minute and my doggie got sick causing a bad stain on my Oriental Rug, Chris' Carpet Service picked it up same day and had it back before company came in.  Thank you so much for your professional and quick response!" -Traci

"Nick came to pick up my Area Rugs.  He was very professional and informative.  My rugs came out beautiful!  They smell great, my dog had an accident and you can't even tell!" -Cameron


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Best Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning Companies in St. Petersburg

Testimonials from our clients:

"My husband and I are very happy with your Area Rug Cleaning Services.  We will keep using you for years to come." -Carmen

"Very happy with my how Area Rug came out.  I would like to use your Tile & Grout and Carpet cleaning services in the near future." -Russ



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Tuesday, 04 November 2014 02:22

Temple Terrace Rug Cleaning in Florida

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Best Oriental and Area Rug cleaning companies in Temple Terrace, Florida

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"There are absolutely no complaints about my Oriental Cleaning Service.  Chris did a beautiful job cleaning my rug.  It looks like brand new!"- Carol

"We were recommended by a neighbor.  Absolutely great job cleaning my Area Rug! Thank you so much." - Cathy


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Best Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning companies in Safety Harbor, FL

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"Such a pleasure to work with your company.  Thank you for cleaning all my expensive Orientals and Area rugs in such a timely manner." -George


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Best Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning Companies in Seminole Florida

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"The entire experience with your whole staff was simply wonderful.  Please call me again in 6 months to have my Area Rugs cleaned.  I am extremely satisfied with your Cleaning Services." -Peter


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Dunedin Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning



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Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning companies in Dunedin Florida

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"Thank you for the good service cleaning my area rugs.  Orientals were a great improvement.  Thanks again." -Sally


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Rug Cleaning Clearwater Florida

Testimonials from our clients:

"We had an emergency with our Area Rug in Saint Petersburg Florida and Chris' Carpet Service came to our rescue!  Nick was very courteous and friendly!  We will never contact Stanley Steamer again! Thank you so much! -Eon"






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Best Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning Company for Clearwater Florida

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Benefits of Oriental Rug Cleaning

Here at Chris’ Carpet, we provide the St. Petersburg area with oriental rug cleaning services. We understand that the floor covering is valuable to the charm and sophistication of your home. Allowing it to get dirty and stained can depreciate its value and become unsightly. Avoiding getting rid of grime and dirt will eventually cause it to become useless and a waste of an investment. We want to provide you with a professional and precise job that will leave your carpet gleaming and in pristine condition so you can use it for years to come.

Aesthetic Benefits of Oriental Carpet Cleaning:

Oriental rug cleaning for residents of the St. Petersburg area is incredibly beneficial. Attempting a DIY job can cause damage to the carpet and leave you in a terrible situation. Some of the benefits include:

  • Avoiding Damage: Particles that get trapped in your carpet cause damage to the fibers. When the fibers are damaged it eventually begins to cause frayed pieces. We can get rid of those particles to assure a structured and tight woven masterpiece.
  • Getting Rid of Stains: Stains and spills make your floor look unsightly and gives the appearance that you don’t care for your home. What once added style and sophistication to a room has now become a problem. We can maintain the beauty of your floor.

These are only some of the rewards you will reap upon contacting us. We want to help you conserve the beauty of your home and its appearance. Trying to do the job yourself will damage your costly investment that we could professionally and easily remove.

Health Benefits of Oriental Carpet Cleaning:

There are serious health benefits to oriental rug cleaning for St. Petersburg residents. Each time you walk into your home you are bringing in germs, dirt, and grime from the outside world. Unfortunately, the soil gets trapped in your floor and can lead to medical issues in regards to:

  • Dust Mites: The microscopic bugs reside deep in the fibers of your carpet. They cannot be removed by a simple vacuuming and can cause skin irritations. An in depth scrub will remove these little critters.
  • Air Pollutants: Pollutants and allergens get trapped in fibers and are then released into your home. Breathing can become dangerous as the chance of respiratory illness and allergies become more likely.

Avoiding any medical issues by contacting us is a simple and preventative measure. Keep your family and home safe by keeping up with regular maintenance on your floor.

Here at Chris’ Carpet we want to keep your family and home safe. Our certified and trained staff can guarantee precise and quality service. Contact us today at 727-397-1511 for a free consultation and a road to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

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