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At Chris’ Carpet Service of St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Largo there is a very unique and delicate approach we take for Oriental rug cleaning. We effectively handle all kinds of rugs from around the world and we understand the various kinds of treatment approaches that each one requires. We also know that oriental carpets should not be cleaned the same way basic rugs are; they should not be cleaned in your home.

At Chris’ we will pick up your carpet and bring it in for thorough cleaning for maximum stain removal and care. We use various products and tools that are not available to bring into your house and utilizing this equipment is how your carpets will receive the most optimal treatment available.

Let us take you through a quick walkthrough of how our Oriental rug cleaning services in Palm Harbor, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo, and surrounding Florida areas typically go. Because we put our clients’ satisfaction above all else, we approach the situation of each of our customers with an open mind. We know that the circumstances of one family’s situation are not the same conditions as the next. We make sure you feel confident in our abilities to effectively handle your Oriental and area rugs. We will make sure they are brought back to you looking as good as new! But how do we go about doing so?

There are 7 core steps we take:

  1. Pre-Inspection & Pick-up:
    We want to assess the carpet as much as possible before we decide the best cleaning approach to take. Different rugs have different qualities and require different treatment processes. At Chris’ Carpet Service we have extensive industry experience and keep up with all the latest advances to make sure the treatments and solutions we use for Oriental rug cleaning are the best available.
  2. Dry Soil Removal:
    You would not believe the amount of dirt that woven and knotted rugs can hide. In fact, some rugs are purposely designed to hide dirt and dry soil. There are a number of different techniques that can be used. At Chris’ Carpet Service of St Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo, and surrounding Florida areas we use a type of “dusting” approach that cleans the carpets from front to back. We use a specialty vacuum machine that helps significantly with the Oriental rug cleaning process; it achieves far more than what anyone will most likely be able to achieve by themselves at home.
  3. Pre-Condition/Pre-Spot:
    We perform special pre-treatments, depending on the type of material and fiber content, to prepare the soils. The damaged and potentially problem areas will be applied with special product to maximize their changes of rejuvenation. This is also the phase in the process where we treat the fringe.
  4. Cleaning:
    Our Oriental rug cleaning professionals will perform the best possible treatment approach for your carpet and will treat them with quality care. Although they will be effective in removing stains, dirt and odors, the integrity of the Oriental rugs will not be compromised.
  5. Rinse & Wash:
    Again, different kinds of rugs are going to require different types of treatments—but we have an approach for every kind. It is possible we use extraction equipment on both sides of the carpet or, if applicable, we may also wash it in a specially designed pit for woven, knotted and Oriental carpets.
  6. Dry & Finish:
    Once the dirt and soil is extracted, your carpet will be dried in a safe environment. It is important that the drying of these pieces are done professionally because they are prone to shrinkage if not done a certain way. When the rug is completely dry we will groom it with special products made for these types of specialty rugs.
  7. Delivery:
    After our professionals do a final assessment and inspection of your carpet we will deliver it back to you (or release it for pick up if you prefer). When we deliver it we will replace it back to its original position—no work necessary by you!

If you live in the St Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo, or a surrounding area in Florida and you need carpet treatments, call at Chris’ today! Aside from Oriental rug cleaning we also offer tile and grout cleaning, pet odor removal, hardwood cleaning, 24 hour emergency water restoration and removal, as well as commercial services.

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