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Puppy making mistake on carpetOne of the specialty services we offer at Chris’ Carpet Service of St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Largo is pet odor removal and urine stains. Although we know your furry friends are a beloved part of your home, let’s face it; sometimes they can cause unwanted odors and stains that leave your house damaged, unhealthy and unappealing. Fortunately, we provide our clients with urine damage treatment and pet odor control for their homes so they never have to be embarrassed to have guests over or become frustrated with your beloved dog or cat.

Our professional pet odor removal is an important service to take advantage of immediately. The longer you wait the more damage the liquid will do because it is very acidic. Once it dries into your carpet or upholstery it becomes “alkaline” which makes it significantly more difficult to get rid of. When fresh and warm, urine stains are swarming with bacteria. It begins to oxidize and, when this happens, your carpet will slowly begin to change color in the damaged area. Although it is possible to remove the stain and restore the rug to its original color, the longer you wait the more difficult this becomes.

The amount of work we put into our pet odor removal and urine stain treatments is more than most people are capable of doing on their own.

When it comes to pet urine, there are a couple of odors that can be associated with it that require pet odor removal by Chris’ Carpet Service in St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Largo. Bacteria are most prone in warm and moist places and when it is present it can get a never ending food supply from your pet. When a bacterium grows it creates amino acids that penetrate deep into the fibers of your carpet and bind themselves to them. This is when the foul odors begin to surface.

The second odor has a chemical base and happens once the bacteria in the urine stain have died. This is one of the major reasons why professional pet stain odor removal services are important; it is not enough to sanitize the area and attempt to neutralize the odors with over the counter sprays—especially in the St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Largo areas where humidity levels are often high. When it is humid the salts that are present in the urine attract water and moisture; when these elements are evaporated they release amino gas odors. At Chris’ Carpet Service we remove these urine salts for complete pet odor removal. This is why many times when people try to use regular cleaning supplies to clean the pet stains the odor is not removed; in fact in some cases the aroma can intensify.

Until you are able to utilize the professional carpet cleaning services we offer, we can offer some helpful tips:

  • We have found that one of the most effective tools to use is a small wet vac machine. As soon as your pet goes to the bathroom on the carpet, you want to try to vacuum the mess up as quickly as possible to minimize the chance of permanent damage.
  • Once this is done, apply Chris’ Carpet Service’s Urine Off or Pet Stain and Pet Odor Removal and let it sit for a few minutes.
  • After that pour warm water on the spot, then vacuum it up out of the carpet. You want to make sure the area is as dry as possible when finished, but try to avoid rubbing the area as much as possible because doing so could permanently damage the material’s fiber.
  • Keep in mind that there are certain products you should try to avoid when it comes to pet odor removal and urine stains. Do not use products that have high pH levels (ammonia or bleaches) because the areas will attract more dirt and bacteria. You want to be careful because using the wrong product can make the stain permanent. Your best option would be to take advantage of the professional services offered by Chris’ Carpet Service in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo, and surrounding Florida areas.
What do we do that makes such a difference?


The amount of time it takes to remove all the necessary elements in the urine is extensive and requires a certain degree of knowledge and expertise to do properly. Not only do we pull up the damaged carpet and clean it thoroughly, but we also treat the floor with an enzyme treatment, seal the floor with an odor barrier, install a new tack strip, and re install the carpet with quality craftsmanship.

The amount of work we put into our pet odor removal and urine stain treatments is more than most people are capable of doing on their own, which is why we are the area’s most trusted company for premium carpet services.

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